Nov 22

I have started a new photography project.The long, dark winter evenings are fine for shooting available light photographs of city lights. I do the whole project with a normal prime lens. All the pictures will be developed in black and white.

The approach is therefore very old-fashioned. No strobe, high iso, normal prime lens, black & white. I love the normal lens. It´s unspectacular, but very precise. There are no special effects, it´s just the picture composition that counts. Here is typical example of what these pictures look like.


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Jul 25

The most important skill of a street photographer is a deep interest in the behavior of people. It´s not that kind of interest that a scientist might have nor is it a kind of voyeurism. What I mean is the esteem of every humans individualtity and the knowledge that we all do odd things sometimes – just because we are humans too.

People do things like that – it´s human.


Jul 21

Why not? This blog will focus on humans (and humanity). I will try to write some more or less interesting thoughts on human nature. Another important topic will be the impact of human being on nature (and on other humans).

From time to time I will write about more technical stuff, especially on photography. Although I´m very interested in the “hardware” aspects of photography I will focus on the creative part of imaging. Why do I make photographic pictures? It is simply the interest in what the the world looks like through the lense of a camera. The view of a camera is different to that of a human (which, btw, is also very different to that of other animals).

This blog will develop, it is like a very young child. I invite you to watch it growing.


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